TaylorMade TP5x - 2021 - 4 dusin

Spar 27% TaylorMade TP5x - 2021 - 4 dusin

TaylorMade TP5x - 2021 - 4 dusin

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Denne varen gir deg 400 golfpoeng. 400 poeng = kr 80,00.

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Stilig pakke med 4 dusin TaylorMade TP5x

Her er den nye TaylorMade TP5x og med sine 5 lag får du alt som du ønsker av en golfball:
Enda mer fart og lengde på lange slag, og enda mer spinn og kontroll på korte slag.

TaylorMade TP5x-ballen brukes av flere av verdens beste spillere.
TP5X har en litt hardere følelse og flyr litt høyere enn TP5

Denne varen gir deg 400 golfpoeng. 400 poeng = kr 80,00.

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Produsent Taylor Made
Antall 12-pakke (dusin)
Farge Hvit
Balloppbygging 5-lags

There's One Ball That's Better For All

There's a reason TP5x is the Most Complete Tour Ball in Golf, because it's built like no other. As the only 5-layer Tour ball, it delivers unmatched performance off the tee, from the fairway and around the green. On any shot the golf course throws at you, there's one ball that's better for all. 

TP5x Features:

Tour Distance, Complete Performance

TP5x is our fastest and longest Tour ball, featuring a 5-layer design with four increasingly stiff layers enclosed in cast urethane. It delivers unmatched distance off the tee and on the approach, without sacrificing feel on the scoring shots.

Increased Aerodynamics with New Tour Flight Dimple Pattern

The all-new Tour Flight Dimple Pattern unlocks the next level of aerodynamics while still promoting maximum carry distances and a steep angle of descent for stopping power, especially on long irons.

Improved Greenside Spin & Feel

While maintaining the formula that makes TP5x a leader in speed and distance, we've added a softer cast urethane cover for increased groove interaction on greenside shots for more spin and improved feel.

The Path to Distance

The path to distance has evolved with the all-new TP5x. In 2017, a movement began with the optimal spin and launch conditions provided by our 5-layer construction. Then we increased ball speed with the HFM Speed Layer and now we've added advanced aerodynamics with the new Tour Flight Dimple Pattern.


TP5x Technology: 

New Tour Flight Dimple Pattern

Our most aerodynamic dimple pattern ever is now producing explosive carry distances. This unique design features a 322-dimple pattern engineered to deliver improved aerodynamics. It features a shallow overall dimple to reduce drag during ascent, with steep walls to trap air during descent in order to maintain lift and keep the ball airborne for longer.

5-Layer Construction

The key to achieving enhanced speed without negatively affecting spin performance comes from TaylorMade's proprietary 5-layer ball construction. Including a Tri-Fast Core that delivers maximum carry and low drag and a Dual-Spin Cover that features a soft, highly durable cast urethane cover, TP5x offers complete tee-to-green performance without sacrifice. The ultimate result is a ball that promotes a fast launch, maximum carry distances and a steep angle of descent for extra stopping power – especially on long irons.  

Speed-Layer System

The Speed-Layer System is comprised of four increasingly stiff layers to produce more ball speed. The result is more carry distance off the tee, more control in the wind, and more spin around the greens.  

High-Flex Material (HFM)

TP5 features a material called HFM (High-Flex Material), delivering higher ball speeds through a greater rebound effect. HFM acts like a tightly wound spring that builds energy and rebounds quickly, generating more ball speed.    

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